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Would you like to experience something different from just riding around in an arena?

Maybe you would like to further develop your horse knowledge and experiences? Or maybe just learn the basics so you can help and support your child on their equine journey. Maybe its as simple as you just want to have fun with your horse!

We offer a range of riding and groundwork clinics, as well as guest instructor clinics. Scroll down to see how we can help you achieve your goals and enjoy your horse!

Saturday 22nd May to

Sunday 23rd May

$170 per day

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Good horsemanship skills provide the building blocks which support the horse and rider in all disciplines, no matter where they are in their journey.

Over the past 30 years of using horses every day in his work managing cattle properties. Chris has an incredible insight into the horse as well as the rider.


The aim of this clinic is to produce a calm, confident and co-operative horse and develop a willingness in the horse to work in partnership with the rider whilst learning how to work cattle. 


Learn to be confident with your horse riding and improve your skills in the saddle, whatever your discipline.


Dates for the next clinic will be posted here soon. 

$170 + GST per day

$50 + GST per fence sitter per day

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 "Good horsemanship is good horsemanship and should not be thought of as a fad or a style" 

~ David Stuart

 David Stuart is a world-renowned horsemanship clinician, running clinics every year in the U.K., Europe, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates.


This clinic is about developing more depth and scope to your overall horsemanship. You and your horse will understand better weight distribution and impulsion, improving your horse’s level of engagement and athleticism. David will teach and encourage you to develop the self carriage and softness of your horse.


The contents of the clinic adapt to suit the participants, and combines both principle and purpose in a fun environment with like-minded people. This is a great clinic for riders of all abilities, whether you have never been before or are returning to build on your skills.


Check our calendar for the next session!


$100 for the morning on your own horse

9.30am to 12pm

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Our ladies mornings run on Saturday, twice per month for riders with their own horses. These are a wonderful morning of riding and education followed by coffee & cake for morning tea. This relaxed atmosphere is a great way to meet other like-minded ladies who want to enjoy their horses. The program is very much guided by the interests of the participants.


The program continually changes and can include:

  • Horsemanship and Groundwork

  • Grid pole work

  • Ring craft to improve your competition performance

  • Gymnastic exercises for your horse

  • Softening techniques to help your horse relax

  • Rider’s seat exercises

  • Perfecting transitions

  • Having a great time!

Includes a morning tea break, everyone's favourite!

Saturday 15th May

8.30am to 12.00pm

$100 per rider

$55 per fence sitter

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Obstacle Clinic

The focus of this clinic is how to approach and support your horse through different obstacles.

Obstacles are a great way to assess the trust and quality of the relationship and communication between you and your horse.

The goal isn't to complete the obstacle no matter what, but to complete what you can with a willingly guided horse. Exposure whilst maintaining and building your horses confidence is a great goal in itself.

We have a huge variety of obstacles with new ones introduced every clinic. We use many of the high end obstacles used in working equitation but we are not limited to just these.


Date of the next clinic TBD.

$120 per participant

9.30am to 12pm

Do you struggle managing your horse on the ground? Are you interested in improving your horse’s athleticism & softness? Our groundwork clinics help you learn how to do just that. 

Topics covered during our clinics include:

  • Understanding the importance of your body energy and position 

  • Gaining your horse’s respect on the ground

  • Understanding biomechanics

  • Changing gaits in the lunge with softness

  • Lunging your horse without chasing

  • Learn how to get your horse to want to work for you with the subtlest of aids

  • Learn how to get your horse to want to connect with you

If you'd like to use an Anstead Acres horse please enquire.

Kids Activities

Want to challenge yourself and your horse by learnign how to navigate different obstacles? Check out our Obstacle Clinic coming up in May.

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