A day in the life of our Anstead Acres calf - Peter!

Peter is our brand new Jersey calf, out of our beautiful cow Clarabelle. Clarabelle gave birth to Peter on the property a few weeks ago.

When Peter was first born, he didn’t know how to drink from Clarabelle. He needed a bit of help from Pam, Dave and the vet to get enough nutrition during the first few days of his life. Eventually he worked it out, and now happily feeds from his mum whenever he likes.

An average day for Peter starts at 7am, when Clarabelle is brought to the hay shed for milking. He likes to run around the hay shed and have a play while his mum’s two back teats are milked out as she is producing more milk than Peter can drink. It’s important that all four of Clarabelle’s teats are emptied daily to prevent her from getting mastitis, which is an infection in the cow’s udder.

After milking, Peter and Clarabelle get turned out in the back paddock. This paddock is very bushy and has a trail all the way down to the river, however Peter is too young to go down near the river. We normally find Clarabelle and Peter camped down at the creek next to the fence.

Sometimes Peter gets bored and likes to walk through the fences to explore the rest of the property. The other three steers – Winston, Fergus and Barry, find it fun to chase Peter, and normally we have to go and rescue him. Most times he works out how to get back to mum by himself, who is always waiting patiently on the other side of the fence.

In the afternoon mum and son make their way back up to the top paddock, where they’ll spend the night. Clarabelle gets a feed of pellets, millrun and chaff, and there’s plenty of hay for her to eat. She loves bread as a treat.

By the July school holidays, there will even be another calf for Peter to play with. We hope everyone is excited to meet the new babies at the day camps!

Happy riding,

Anstead Acres

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