Emperor's Reign - Horse Profile

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Emperor's Reign is known around Anstead Acres as Reign. He is a 12-year-old bay stock horse who stands at 16 hands. Reign was born at Anstead Acres and has been here every since.

Pam started Reign as a 2-year-old, and has dedicated countless hours over the years to his education. As a result, Reign is a versatile horse who has competed in many disciplines, including futurities at a local and national level, stockman's challenges, ag shows, dressage and campdrafting.

Reign has been educated to think flexibly and respond to his rider's cues, whether they ask for a collected canter and a big stop in a pattern or for him to maneuver a cow round a campdraft course. He is lovely to ride, and can move from a walk to a collected canter, cross the arena doing a flying change every four strides, then come to a sliding stop. He is very special to us here at Anstead Acres and everyone who rides him falls in love with him.

When Reign is not being used as a schoolmaster he spends his rest days turned out in the gelding paddock and his nights in a stable.

Reign is a very honest and kind horse, and is often the first horse riders at Anstead Acres will meet. Next time you're at Anstead Acres be sure to say hi to this beautiful horse.

Happy riding,

Anstead Acres

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