Our ladies riding mornings...

How quickly a month goes by…...our third ladies riding morning for the year is almost upon us.

March was a little hot, and a small dedicated group braved the heat but we had a good time finding the benefits of riding our horses with consistency for several hours instead of the usual thirty minute rush.

A group of ladies enjoying their horses at Anstead Acres
Ladies Riding Mornings at Anstead Acres

April the 1st is our next day and we are drawn to ponder the benefits and learning opportunities of group riding. So often we find it hard to concentrate on understanding a concept, then executing the physical actions to instruct our horse, and then finally assess ..…..did that work? Did I ask correctly? Was I clear enough? Should I have been softer? Did the horse react how it should?

So many questions. In a group you can learn so much by watching how other do the same exercise. You have the benefit of observing how they use their knowledge, or contemplate not making the miscommunications they are making. You can see what you are doing or what you need to do to gain the end result you are seeking.

It allows you the opportunity to learn even while you and your horse are having a break. All in all, group riding has so many benefits and opportunities that are just as useful as one on one tuition.

On an additional note, it’s always great to spend time with other like-minded people. They appreciate your journey, they are a sounding board, extra eyes on the ground, and best of all, you can share a laugh.

Hopefully we will see you on the 1st of April for our next Ladies Riding Morning. Bring your horse, your enthusiasm, your sweet tooth and your smile!

Happy riding,

Anstead Acres

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