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Horse Clinics

Would you like to step-up your horse education?

If you own a horse, or are dedicated to learning more about horses you will understand your partnership requires stepping up your education and a commitment to constant improvement. 

Each year Pam offers a number of clinics at Anstead Acres. Whether you are looking to boost your confidence, enhance your technical skills or build on your horse partnership we will have a clinic coming up suited to you. 

​Scroll down to find out more about our upcoming clinics.

We hope to see you and your horse at a clinic soon!


Dates TBD - please enquire

9.00am to 3.00pm

$170 + GST per rider

$60 + GST per fence sitter

Own horse required

Ladies Confidence Clinic

"Do you lack confidence? Or does your horse lack confidence? We can help both of you!"

Confidence with your horse comes from growing your skills, expanding your knowledge and having a range of tools at your disposal to calmly guide your horse as they learn...

Join us for our Ladies Confidence Clinic where we will explore the strengths and weaknesses of the horse and rider partnership amidst a supportive, friendly group of ladies navigating their own confidence journeys. 


Pam will help build on your horsemanship foundation, whilst providing you with specific tools to start you, and your horse, on the journey to feeling confident, both on the ground and in the saddle.

A great confidence-building environment for horse and rider combining technical skills with positivity, humour and horse respect - all the ingredients for a great day of growth with our human and equine friends. 

Ladies Confidence Clinic
obstacle 2.JPG

Sunday 25th February 2024

9.00am to 3.00pm

$170 +GST per rider

$60 +GST per fence sitter

Own horse required

Obstacle Clinic

​Obstacles are a great way to assess the trust and quality of the relationship and communication between you and your horse.

​The goal isn't to complete the obstacle no matter what, but to complete what you can with a willingly guided horse.  Exposure, whilst maintaining and building your horses confidence, is a great goal in itself.

​We have a variety of obstacles with new ones introduced every clinic. We use many of the high-end obstacles used in working equitation, however are not limited to just these.

Obstacle Clinic
Groundwork Clinics

Sunday 26 May 2024

$170 + GST per rider

$60 + GST per fence sitter

Own horse required

Groundwork & Horsemanship Clinic

with Pam Andrew of Anstead Acres

"Your groundwork and horsemanship skills are the key to unlocking an amazing partnership with your horse, built on mutual trust, confidence, connection and leadership..."
~ Pam Andrew 

Often, as riders and horse owners, we tend to focus on what we are doing on top of the saddle rather than peeling back the layers of our relationship with our horse on the ground.  

Pam will help build on your groundwork and horsemanship skills through enhancing your ability to communicate on the ground, increasing your effectiveness and helping you to understand your horses’ response (or lack thereof in some instances!). This will be a great day of connection and understanding between you and your horse.

Dates TBD - Please enquire

$170 + GST per rider

$60 + GST per fence sitter

Own horse required

Challenge Trail Clinic

Join us and navigate the Anstead Acres Trail.

Team up with your horse and support them to tackle a variety of man-made and natural obstacles along a trail of varied terrain and surroundings.

Our challenge trail clinic loops around our lovely property and offers varying levels of challenge. Obstacles will vary; some working equitation style, some cowboy challenge, as well as natural obstacles unique to our property. 

Pam will be there to guide riders, build confidence and stretch participants who would like to expand their skill and partnership with their horse. Saddle up and join us for the trials of the trail.

Challenge Trail Clinic
Guest Instructor Clinics

Date TBC 2024

$200 + GST per rider 

$70 + GST per fencesitter

Float Friendly | Yards Available

Introduction to the Hackamore Clinic

Join us to learn more about the origins, applications and benefits of the Hackamore with Diana Balhorn and Chris Barr of DB Braiding, who have a lifetime of hands on experience working as a team in Australia, USA & Europe. 


Come along and explore beginner techniques that have been developed over hundreds of years. This is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and understand how the Californian/Ranch style Hackamores help educate the horse to the bit and reins. Join us to explore the pathway of snaffle, to hackamore, to bridle and how it can help your horsemanship journey. 

Hackamore's supplied for clinic participants to use courtesy of DB Braiding. Secure your spot today!


Guest Instructor Clinics

2,3,4 August 2024

$270 +GST/day per rider 

Located Cloverly Winery​

Chris Grant Horsemanship &
Cattle Working Clinics

Good horsemanship skills provide the building blocks which support the horse and rider in all disciplines, no matter where they are in their journey.


Over the past 30 years of using horses everyday in his work managing cattle properties, Chris has gained incredible insight into the horse as well as the rider.


The aim of these clinics are to produce a calm, confident and co-operative horse and develop a willingness in the horse to work in partnership with the rider.


Learn to be confident with your horse while working on the ground and gain an understanding of how these skills can translate to, and support your riding and cattle work, whatever your discipline.

Untitled design (2).jpg

6, 7 April 2024

$240 + GST/day per rider

$80 +GST/day per fence sitter

David Stuart Horsemanship Clinic

"Good horsemanship is good horsemanship and should not be thought of as a fad or a style."

~ David Stuart

David Stuart is a world-renowned horsemanship clinician, running clinics every year in the U.K., Europe, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates.


This clinic is about developing more depth and scope to your overall horsemanship. You and your horse will understand better weight distribution and impulsion, improving your horse’s level of engagement and athleticism. David will teach and encourage you to develop the self carriage and softness of your horse.


The contents of the clinic adapt to suit the participants, and combines both principle and purpose in a fun environment with like-minded people. This is a great clinic for riders of all abilities, whether you have never been before or are returning to build on your skills.

Looking for more support for you and your horse between clinics? Check out our regular lessons.
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