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Want to learn to ride?

Welcome to Anstead Acres, a place of learning for horse and rider.

"Anstead Acres provides a unique horse education centred on learning, establishing and celebrating the human and horse partnership from the ground up. We educate riders of all levels, whether you are just embarking on, or extending your horse education."

We believe that educated riding and  quality horsemanship supports and transcends all disciplines. Our teams’ focus on horsemanship, horse connection and developed riding skills in walk, trot and canter build a solid foundation in our riders. This approach allows our riders to confidently specialise in any chosen discipline.

The Anstead Acres team teach adults and children (10+) in a small, personal, group lesson format on a weekly or fortnightly basis on select days. As well as riding, our lesson topics can range from horse care and management, through to groundwork and understanding horse psychology.

Don’t have your own horse? No problem. You will enjoy working with our educated horse team, whether they are safely guiding you through the basics, or extending your skills as an advanced rider.

Nervous Nelly? Scared Sally? We can help you re-establish your confidence; whether you are nervous, new to riding or are returning to the saddle. 

Have your own horse? How fabulous! We can also help you to improve your horsemanship, advance your technical skills or simply connect with other like-minded riders in a fun learning environment.  


The first step in a riding journey with us, no matter the riding level, or age of the rider is to come along for an assessment lesson with us and experience the Anstead Acres difference firsthand. 

Want to learn to ride?

What makes
Anstead Acres different?

We are for the rider desiring a holistic horse education. We aim to expand your horse knowledge and skills; ensuring you understand the ‘whole horse’ (mind and body) and become more than a passenger in the saddle. 

"Riding a horse is an absolute privilege, understanding a horse builds a partnership: both are a gift!"

Pam is a passionate horsewoman, teacher and competitor in her own right. Her ability to explain and demonstrate concepts allows riders to easily grasp the education on offer. Her desire to see you succeed, her enthusiasm and boundless energy are her super-powers!

We love and care about our equine team – Your Anstead Acres lesson horses. Our horses live a rich, thriving life where they trail ride in open spaces, muster cattle, excel in competition or simply chill with their herd and enjoy ‘just being a horse’. 


Our horses come first, ALWAYS. Their physical and mental health is paramount ensuring they can partner with you on your equine journey.   As a place of learning for horse and rider, we also host a range of holiday camps, events and clinics including exclusive invitation-only events for our regular riders.   

Why ride at Anstead Acres?

What can I expect at Anstead Acres lessons?

Small Groups | Your Horse or Anstead Acres Horse | Children 10yrs+ | Adults | Beginner to Advanced

Our small group lessons offer our regular riders camaraderie as they travel on their personal horse-riding journey. Riding regularly with us will extend your horse education and technical skills,  providing you with a strong riding and horsemanship foundation.

"Our lessons suit the regular adult or child rider – the rider who turns up each week or fortnight. Riders keen to develop into confident riders and horsewomen/men. We give you the confidence to get out of the arena, not keep you in it!"

As a small team, our ethos, guidance and methodology are consistently applied to every lesson. Not all of the education we offer takes place in the saddle. Our lessons can include traditional tools such as trot poles, flatwork, competition patterns, obstacles etc. (just to name a few!) as well as influencing a horse's movement on the ground (groundwork in hand). Lastly, we ensure all riders understand horse care and equipment.

Above all, we keep our lessons educational, engaging, and a little challenging, with a big injection of passion and love for horses. This is what makes Anstead Acres special!

"Good Horsemanship is front of mind at Anstead Acres. We help our riders develop their horsemanship in various aspects of our lessons, whether on the ground or in the saddle."

About our lessons


Mon-Wed Group Lessons (45 Mins)

$525 - 5 Lessons | $1050 - 10 Lessons

Saturday Group Lessons (30 Mins)

$550 - 5 Lessons | $1100 - 10 Lessons


Saturday Private Lessons (30 Mins)

$625 - 5 Lessons | $1250 - 10 Lessons

Mon-Wed Private lessons - please enquire


Assessment Lesson (30 Mins), $120

CHILD LESSONS (before 6pm)


Mon-Wed Group Lessons (45 Mins)

$475 - 5 Lessons | $950 - 10 Lessons

Saturday Group Lessons (30 Mins)

$500 - 5 Lessons | $1000 - 10 Lessons


Saturday Private Lessons (30 Mins)

$550 - 5 Lessons | $1100 - 10 Lessons

Assessment Lesson (30 Mins), $100

Special occasion coming up? Turn it into a horsey celebration here with our beautiful horses.
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